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Designing a Mobile app is one thing but making sure it gets is downloaded requires different skills altogether. We know how to bring your customers to your App. It is complicated but we know this art. App optimization is the hardest nut to crack in digital marketing, however, if you are able to design a right strategy you can reap in good rewards. Every year thousands of Apps lose out on their customers because they aren’t promoted well. Make sure this doesn’t happen to your App.
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commandments to App Submission

This is the most crucial step for the success of any App on the App store and most of the uploaders mess it up here. Yes, general guidelines provided by the stores on how to upload the Apps properly still a lot can be done at this stage. We at Digi Zap follow ‘13 commandments of submission’ before submitting any App to the store, which not only helps our App ran but also makes it easily searchable.

It’s not only about the no# of Downloads

Downloading an App will not ensure its success; rather, you need to make sure that customers keep your App and use it for its required purpose. App optimization is a continuous process that needs regular work. We will make sure that all the channels involved in this process are thoroughly monitored and worked upon. We regularly monitor the numbers of installs and download to maintain proper timelines, so that in case of any irregularity we can take necessary measures.

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